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i'm still in love with him
I have finally felt enough discontent and insecurity to doubt my relationship with the most gentle, loving, caring, mature and responsible man I've ever met and who fully loves and cherish me. Due to a series of plain unlucky events I suddenly fear for my future with him as he and his circle present a very different circumstance from what I am used to. For example, he could not speak English well, and I had to organise every tiny little thing like calling banks and insurances and real estate agents just to run our lives. He would have to rely on a translator or an English-speaking friend. He would set lower standards than I would to accomplish some things and always tells me, as long as I tried my hardest, that is enough. It is mainly his background, his level of education, his circle of friends, his main topic of conversation, .... it's all too ordinary and bland for me. I seldom get to share in-depth thoughts and philosophical conversations which I enjoy. The night I flew back to... (more)

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give us the ability
Verse Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life. Proverbs 4:23 Voice Once evil is individualized, becoming part of everyday life, the way of resisting it also becomes individual. How does the soul survive? is the essential question. And the response is: through love and imagination. Azar Nafisi Prayer Give us the ability, God, to see where trouble is rampant and justice is needed. Then give us, too, the conviction to act and the ability to establish peace. (Sojourners, sojo.net)

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